The Boston Group Transitions its Design of Market Merchandising Displays from 2D to 3D

The Boston Group is responsible for bringing big marketing and merchandising ideas to life – in other words: taking things from concept to reality. Presentation is key to selling products and creating the best and coolest displays for customers is why The Boston Group is a leader in its field. The company has proven its industry-leading position through a commitment to innovative product development, focus on customer needs, and adherence to strict quality and cost controls.

The Boston Group manufactures a complete line of presentation, power, and protection products for retail merchandising display applications. In 2000, the display manufacturer decided to transition from 2D design tools to a 3D system to streamline the development and fabrication of its merchandising display and power systems. The transition to 3D was also made to compress lead times and accelerate product delivery.

The Boston Group chose SOLIDWORKS product development solutions, implementing SOLIDWORKS Standard design and SOLIDWORKS Premium design and analysis software. By using SOLIDWORKS solutions, The Boston Group has accelerated delivery of product to customers by 80 percent, shortened conceptual design cycles by 50 percent, cut sheet metal fabrication time by 25 percent, and eliminated prototyping for new products.

“SOLIDWORKS has helped our development and fabrication processes run like silk, so we can focus on new product development and use engineering time more wisely and effectively,” said Vinny Paolini, Engineering manager, The Boston Group.

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