SOLIDWORKS at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase

Later this month, more than 60,000 plastics industry professionals will descend on Orlando, Florida for NPE2015, the world’s leading plastics tradeshow.

NPE is not your mother’s Tupperware party. Taking place March 23-27, it’s one million square feet of plastics prowess representing everything from appliances, automotive, consumer products, housing and construction, medical, and packaging. In fact, the event is so large that NPE is only held every three years.

If you’re heading to Orlando and want to make the most of your time (remember you’ll have to wait three years for another shot at NPE), SOLIDWORKS experts will be onsite at booth number S14107 to discuss the tools and emerging techniques that are molding the future of plastics.

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Each day, the SOLIDWORKS team will present five sessions to show you everything from plastic part analysis, designing for manufacturability, creating complex injection molds and fully investigating plastic part design. Here’s a quick description of each session:

  • Designing Plastic Parts: Learn how to streamline plastic part design and development. This presentation will not only look at traditional part modeling tools, it will also focus on tools that specifically address the day to day challenges that plastics part designers face such as adding complex drafts, shell, snap hooks, lip/groove and vent details.
  • Plastic Part Analysis: This session will focus on traditional analysis of plastic parts, see things like nonlinear material property specifications, snap fit analysis, vibration, and contact simulations.
  • Plastic Analysis for Part Designers: Learn how to ensure the manufacturability of your designs. During this presentation, we’ll investigate gate location, weld lines, sink marks along with fill and cooling times. These demonstrations will show how you to reduce time to market, which can be the difference between success and failure given current design trends.
  • Mold/Tooling Design: See how designers and engineers to can easily create complex injection molds.  This presentation will take a closer look at industry specific tools to streamline and automate the tasks faced by tooling designers such as draft analysis, parting line creation, shut-off surfaces and core and cavity creation.
  • Plastic Analysis for Mold Design and Production: See how you can take much of the guesswork out of mold design by fully investigating your plastic parts. This session will dive deeper into the design process and investigate things like multi-family, insert/overmolding, runner balancing, cooling line design, warp and true cooling times.

In short, even Amex doesn’t have as much plastics knowledge as the team headed to Orlando. If you want tips to create better plastic parts and learn the tools that enable you to create the best possible products the first time around, visit the SOLIDWORKS team at booth S14107 and follow this link for a complimentary NPE 2015 guest pass.

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Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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