SOLIDWORKS 2015, 3D scanning, and 3D printing: the perfect combination

You check your watch, and you have only five minutes until your favorite television show starts! You race to the TV and reach over to the spot where your remote control always is…well, almost always is. You snag, what you believe to be the remote and pointing it to the TV you press the power button to find the remote isn’t what’s in your hand. Someone moved it!

In this short, Bertrand Sicot experiences this very situation but this time decides to take measures into trusted hands by asking for a little help from the new SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo “GP” Bassi to create a more permanent solution to this everyday problem: the missing television remote control.

For Bertrand and Gian Paolo to model the remote from scratch along with a housing device would have taken a lot of time. Instead, they used a Nikon 3D scanner to get the exact shape of the remote, imported the mesh into SOLIDWORKS, and then designed a movable locking enclosure around the remote so that it can never be lost again. And with the ever presence of 3D printers, Bertrand requested to have the concept printed instead of manufactured to get an idea of where he wants to go with the concept. Looks like it works great!

If you’re ready to keep your remove at arm’s length, click here to access the models so you can create your own device alongside a One for All Simple 4 remote.

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