Arihant Makes a Splash Transitioning its Waterpark Design to SOLIDWORKS

Who doesn’t enjoy spending a swelteringly hot summer day in the water? Thinking about lakes, the ocean and pools makes us all long for a warm summer day. Though many are in the midst of a brutal winter, around the country indoor waterparks provide much needed refuge from the cold.


As you might expect, there’s actually a huge industry behind waterpark design. Arihant Industrial Crop is the industry’s leader in creating safe and exciting waterpark playgrounds, offering over 300 products with more than 150,000 installations worldwide. Arihant uses the latest product development technologies to design and engineer innovative pieces for waterpark and playground equipment.

In 2010, Arihant management decided to switch from a 2D design system that the company had been using to a new 3D development platform to support its rapid growth. After implementing SOLIDWORKS, this growth skyrocketed. In just two years, Arihant grew its annual revenue by 250 percent, cut its design cycles by 50 percent, tripled product development throughput, and improved design visualization and presentation of its products.


“By standardizing on SOLIDWORKS, we’ve found it much easier and faster to complete product design cycles. Modeling parts and assemblies more quickly—using mates and assembly capabilities—enables us to support greater throughput without having to add resources. With SOLIDWORKS, we can design a new slide in just three or four days,” said Rajen S. Shah, managing director at Arihant.

Click here to read Arihant’s user story and learn how you can experience similar results, including an accelerated design cycle and improved downstream communication, by implementing SOLIDWORKS solutions. As an added bonus, the next time you’re waiting in line to get on a slide you can pass the time by sharing your waterpark design expertise!

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