SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – A Reflection for Throw Back Thursday

With nearly 5,500 SOLIDWORKS World 2015 attendees flocking to the 80oF /26oC sunny weather in Phoenix, AZ last week, it’s back to reality for most of us. However, before we completely forget about our time in Phoenix, let’s take a look back to reminisce and make those who were unable to make the trek to Phoenix a little jealous!

What’s extremely hard to convey is the excitement and the “super-charged” atmosphere that SOLIDWORKS World embodies. The best I can come to describing it to those that haven’t attended (because those who have attended, know what I’m talking about) is that SOLIDWORKS World is to engineers/designers, what Comic Con is to comic book, movie and science fiction fans.

Here’s what other users had to say about why they come to SOLIDWORKS World each year.

As you’ve just heard, SOLIDWORKS World is a convention of thousands of designers and engineers (like you) who come to learn, network and explore all things SOLIDWORKS. Whether that was sitting in on hands-on sessions to familiarize yourself with new functionalities or ideas, networking with industry peers, perusing the Partner Pavilion (Exhibit Hall) for new products and solutions to solve a design challenge, or even coming to hear from industry visionaries, SOLIDWORKS World meets all of your needs, in one place. Attendees leave the event feeling alive and rejuvenated to go back to the office and put what they’ve learned to work.

What better way to show what you may have missed this year by giving you the visuals of what got the SOLIDWORKS community excited at SOLIDWORKS World? Here’s our Throw Back Thursday to last weeks spectacular event!


Hard to miss when you walked into the convention hall was our unofficial mascot, Seymour and his pre-historic counter-parts. Many of you might have seen him in our pre-conference video promotions on social media, but if you didn’t attend, you missed a great opportunity to have your “selfie” taken with him. He popped up quite a bit on Twitter last week and some might even say he gave our new CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi (a.k.a. “All About the Bassi”) a run for SWW15 popularity.

Our general session had some amazing keynote presenters with Bre Pettis, Dr. Michio Kaku and Jinsop Lee as well as some notable customers with Astrabotic, Myo and Seff Udi, who’s inspirational story brought me to tears. All visionaries who kept the audience engaged and entertained. Check out the highlight videos below and for a more detailed recap of what you missed each day check out day 1, day 2 and day 3 of our general session blogs!

Our partner pavilion was second to none. Showcasing over a hundred partner solutions, home to our model mania contest and engaging hands-on experiences in our product showcase (all products designed in SOLIDWORKS by designers and engineers just like you) the SOLIDWORKS World 2015 partner pavilion was busy all day, every day!

In honor of our Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts and Professionals (CSWE/CSWP) we held a special offsite event for them on Monday night, day 1 of the conference at The Duce. Check out the highlights and what many strive to be a part of.

On Tuesday, after two solid days of general session, breakout and hands-on sessions, not to mention endless walking and talking, it was time to let loose. What better way to let loose, than to take it to the Corona Ranch for some fun at the rodeo! Whether you roped your own steed (of the fake variety), took a trip up in a hot air balloon, bet on the pig races, or watch a real life rodeo, there was a
Corona or margarita for everyone!

I hope our little trip down memory lane inspired those who weren’t able to attend and those who did, to come to SOLIDWORKS World 2016 next year where we’ll be in…..!


Alyson Savelle

Alyson Savelle

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Alyson Savelle
Alyson Savelle