SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design: Simplify industrial design and expand innovation for your business advantage

Today at SOLIDWORKS World 2015, Gian-Paolo Bassi (SOLIDWORKS CEO) and SOLIDWORKS customer Parrot gave a detailed first look of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design (SWID) to the watching world. Aimed at simplifying the process of conceptual industrial design to enable you to make it your business advantage, SWID is more than just a CAD tool. It delivers a truly collaborative design environment that enables design teams, customers, and suppliers to communicate, work together (interact), and develop products whenever they want and where ever they are located.

Simplify and Amplify your Industrial Design Process

The task of an industrial designer is to create shapes and forms that will resonate and create an emotional response from the user of their products, promoting product satisfaction, brand identity and brand loyalty. Designers need to quickly capture new ideas and concepts, involve peers and project stakeholders and collect design feedback before iterating select designs to develop best in class product solutions.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design provides a new benchmark for industrial design products. Combining a virtual sketchpad, industry standard parametric solid and surface modelling, robust freeform (sub-divisional) modelling, rendering anda connected Social Innovation platform, all within the SOLIDWORKS Single Modelling Environment makes SWID the best choice for industrial designers.

Sketch early concepts and get direct feedback from your team


Evolve your design ideas and post product options t o your community for customer reviews

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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design provides a streamlined and more flexible industrial design process, enabling you to innovate more freely. Powered by the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, it empowers you and your design teams to collaborate, stay current and be safe and secure with all your industrial design data.

Connected on the Cloud and Built for Collaboration

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design brings connected community collaboration to your industrial design process. Gathering inputs from geographically dispersed stakeholders near or far can be challenging, but without this feedback and collaboration you may settle for an incomplete solution. How can you connect valuable product knowledge, use cases and design ideas to design the best possible product? How can all stakeholders communicate seamlessly wherever they are and whenever they want?

Social innovation capabilities built into the foundation of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design empower you to:

  • Access the collective intelligence of the whole team to drive towards the best design solution
  • Collaborate internally and externally with your design team, suppliers, and customers in an open innovation process
  • Engage stakeholders at any point in the design process by posting concepts to their private communities
  • Collect stakeholder concept reviews and feedback using simple and familiar web tools


Experience the Difference that SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design Can Make for your Business

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design simplifies and streamlines the industrial design process. Easily develop, confirm, and choose the best and most robust product concepts to engage your customers and win orders.

Experience SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design and advance your next generation of design. For more details about SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design, visit


Justin Burton

Justin Burton

SOLIDWORKS Senior Product Portfolio Manager