See What You Missed: Top Webinars of 2014

I’ve been guilty of binge media consumption. If I get hooked on a TV or book series, I cannot stop until I’m caught up. I went through Breaking Bad in a week, the Winds of Winter arrived in no time and new seasons of House of Cards are done in a day. Well, if you’re like me binge viewing is coming to your professional life now too because 2014’s top five webinars are now available to you on demand.

If you’re looking for SOLIDWORKS tips, tricks and best practices, we’ve rounded up the top SOLIDWORKS Webinars of 2014 in case you missed them the first time. You can now watch our top five webinars and many more on demand anytime. Check out the below, spoiler-free descriptions and lose a few hours to our 22-minute webinars.

The Best of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2015

Learn about the best new features of SOLIDWORKS 2015 and solve more design challenges. New capabilities, new features, and new ways to help you with your daily engineering and design work.
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Best Practices: Concept to Manufacturing

Learn techniques for developing new concepts, quickly turning your new idea into a solid model, validating your designs within SOLIDWORKS, then preparing your designs for manufacturing.
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SOLIDWORKS, Duct Tape and Baling Wire: Creative Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Learn creative solutions and explore various methods of solving day-to-day modeling problems and administrative challenges that will inspire your creativity.
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3D for the 2D Engineer

Using 2D tools to create designs can be easy, but using them to analyze assembly designs can be time-consuming and challenging. With static 2D design tools, it’s almost impossible to determine proper hole alignment and find interferences between components. Learn how to reduce design time by working in 3D using SOLIDWORKS. Create a more accurate design the first time. Watch the Webinar


Designing for Manufacturing, Fit for Purpose

Learn to work smarter, not harder, and how to best to determine if your design can be manufactured, and is fit for purpose.
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Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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