December’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

December might be gone, but its blog posts persist! Check out these five old posts that are still relevant in the New Year including Flow Simulation improvements, building the Tucker Torpedo concept car and how to handle complex sheet metal bends.

SOLIDWORKS Holiday Gift Guide

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean our gift guide is obsolete. That’s nonsense! You’ll have plenty of birthdays, anniversaries and weddings to celebrate. Certainly a bride to be would love the world’s most advanced electric go-kart. Even better, you could celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21 by using a drone to drop off some acorns. Truly, the possibilities are endless.


SOLIDWORKS and the Tucker Torpedo Part 3

In part three of our series following the design and manufacturing of the Tucker Torpedo concept car, Team Tucker tackles the Torpedo’s body fabrication that harkens back 100 years to when coachbuilders ruled automobile manufacturing.


2015 Flow Simulation Compare Tool Improvements

Every new release of Flow Simulation adds more functionality, faster solution times, and customer requested enhancements. SOLIDWORKS 2015 included an overhaul of the Study Compare tool. Now, Compare improvements allow you to directly compare all the generated plots in the project, not just the active one. This Tech blog post from reseller 3DVision Technologies describes the new enhancement in detail.


MOM: The James Dyson Award Winning Inflatable Incubator

This blog post shares the story of James Roberts, student at England’s Loughborough University and winner of the 2014 James Dyson Award. Inspired by a BBC program creating awareness around the critical need for incubators in refugee camps, Roberts was determined to create a new type of incubator that will save lives in refugee camps and developing nations.

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Incremental Bending With SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal

Josh Altergott, Support Manager at SOLIDWORKS Reseller Computer Aided Technology, answers a customer question on how to best handle complex sheet metal bends or parts that need to be formed incrementally. In this post, Altergott provides the solution along with a lesson that thinking about tools differently can help meet your design requirements.


That’s all for December. Stay tuned in January as we make our march to SOLIDWORKS World 2015. Hear how one artist is using 3D printing for molds and check out the latest tips and tricks from our experts.

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