Increasing the Quality of Internet Connectivity With the Help of SOLIDWORKS

Connected devices and the Internet of Things have upped our dependence on Web technology to the point where many of us would be absolutely lost without access to it. Think of how difficult life would be if you couldn’t find out the name of some random actor or the answer to Jeopardy in the matter of seconds. Libraries would not know what hit them. More importantly, if you’ve ever lost a connection while you were working on a project or in the middle of a meeting, you know how frustrating no Web access can be. The employees at Digisol know this and devote their time and energy towards working hard at perfecting the company’s products to bring the best Internet connection services to their customers.

Digisol relies on SOLIDWORKS to simplify the release of manufacturing drawings and greatly increase accuracy.
Digisol relies on SOLIDWORKS to simplify manufacturing drawings and greatly increase accuracy.

Digisol is one of India’s leading network connection companies, and it even exports its products to as many as 20 other countries. Digisol is based around such an important part of our lives, Internet connectivity, so naturally it needs to ensure that its products function properly. After all, when your Internet goes out, there’s no telling what you’re capable of doing. This aim for perfection, and maintaining consumer sanity, is why the company looked toward 3D design to aid in streamlining its network systems equipment design while simultaneously reducing the chance manufacturing errors. Since implementing SOLIDWORKS, Digisol has increased design throughput capacity by 70 percent, cut product development costs by 50 percent, and even reduced manufacturing error rates by 95 percent. In addition, Digisol implemented SOLIDWORKS eDrawings and has dramatically improved communications between Design and Manufacturing teams. Click here to read the full case study and learn how Digisol cut production costs and increased overall product quality.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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