Video: Committed to the most intuitive Simulation interface

Over the past few years, simulation tools are becoming more powerful and integrated with all phases of the design process. In the past validation tools were relegated to late stages in the design process, but engineers are realizing that regular testing early in their designs leads to better products. This movement toward simulation-driven engineering has pushed SOLIDWORKS to make significant investments into how simulation tools fit into 3D CAD.

Through investment in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, our users have access to a unique CAD-embedded interface that couples accurate and high-performance solvers with intuitive simulation features. This powerful combination of concurrent Simulation testing and 3D CAD allows you to quickly solve complex problems, make better informed decisions, and engineer at your best.


WATCH THE VIDEO to hear SOLIDWORKS Vice President Gian Paolo Bassi describe his commitment to developing and continuously enhancing more efficient meshers, performant solvers, and a best-in-class CAD-embedded simulation user interface for all product engineers.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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