Video: The Future of Design Intelligence has Arrived

The future of design intelligence is here. The time to include CAD embedded design in your workflow is now. Today’s most innovative design and manufacturing companies rely on virtual simulation, concurrent with the design process, to bring great products to life. Now it’s your turn.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables product engineers to understand structural performance, thermal behavior, and product lifecycle during the design phase. This CAD embedded simulation model ensures that critical decisions can be made BEFORE the end of design – when it’s too late for any changes or improvements. The result: better products, with less rework and lower costs.

WATCH THE VIDEO (registration may be required) to hear Vice President Aaron Kelly discuss how companies, such as Proventia and Wolverine, are already cutting costs, creating innovative products, and putting productivity through the roof with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.



Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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