Recorded Webinar Spotlight: Winning Principles for Better Design

webinarsawWe all know that there is more to design than drawing lines and arcs. It’s a rare mix of art and science collaborating on a process that combines concepts, specs, parameters, costs and available manufacturing to achieve a designated objective.

In most cases, that objective would be to create a functional product, on-time and on-budget. If your goal is to create shoddy work, I just assume you’re a Bond villain out to control the world. Just remember, Bond doesn’t lose.

Perhaps that’s because Bond’s R&D man, Q, followed the five winning principles for better design. With these winning principles, you can:

Q, the secret behind 007’s success
  • Clarify design intent from concept sketch to 3D model to production drawings
  • Validate product performance to reduce prototypes
  • Add consideration of cost and manufacturability in your process
  • Refine your product to pursue optimum design alternatives
  • Streamline creation of product manuals and assembly instructions for the shop floor

In just 22 minutes, this recorded webinar will elaborate on these 5 key design strategies that will make you more productive, get your products to market faster, and stay on budget. Who knows, this webinar might give you to knowledge to keep the likes of Jaws at bay. Click here to get started.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. Video game world champion and whisky advocate. I like turtles.