August’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

It seems that much of the world is on holiday in August, so it’s understandable if you decided to tear yourself away from the SOLIDWORKS blogs for a few weeks. Certainly it was a difficult decision to make, but the blogging team sympathizes. It was businesses as usual here over the last few weeks and we wanted to bring you up to speed on what you may have missed from our Tech and Corporate blogs.

August’s highlights include a tech tip video on Multi-body part design, steps to complete a linear static analysis, data management best practices, a light bulb part reviewer and a Sneak Peek at SOLIDWORKS 2015. Here are August’s top five posts for your reading pleasure:

Tech Tip Video: Using Multi Body Part Design in SOLIDWORKS

For some users, the concept of designing parts using Multi-body design tools in SOLIDWORKS isn’t something often explored. Some assume that it’s specifically for unique cases, where the final design requires multiple solid bodies in a single part file, such as Weldments. However, this video demonstrates the advantages of using Multi-body techniques and tools.

Linear Static Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Conducting a linear static analysis examines whether your designs are strong enough to resist loads and how products can be improved. The result is a greater understanding of your designing leading to removing superfluous materials, strengthening high-stress regions and improving overall design functionality. This post shares the steps to conduct a linear static analysis. This post will provide you with the steps to conduct a linear static analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.


Non-CAD Documents Need Love Too

Some companies think that data management is really only useful for CAD data but having better control over your other important files can save time and money. It is estimated that 30 percent of all data loss is attributed to human error like accidental deletion or damage to hardware. Add this together with time spent searching for files and chasing down the latest version with all necessary information and it results in real costs to an organization. So how can a document management system help manage non-cad data? Read this post for five best practices.


SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer: Light Bulb Tutorial

This model has some unique features in it to create the bulb geometry. There are two sweep features that include a swept cut to create the lower threads. There is an example of composite curve to create a complex sweep path using easy to understand steps and geometry. Visit this post and download the file to shed some light on how to create helical sweeps.


Sneak Peek: 15 Features coming in SOLIDWORKS 2015

It’s that time of year again, when SOLIDWORKS unveils the latest release of the world’s leading 3D design software. Highly anticipated by SOLIDWORKS users, each release is packed with hundreds of new features and enhancements requested by users from around the world. Leading up to the September 9 launch, we’re previewing 15 features coming in SOLIDWORKS 2015, then following up these preview posts with a deep technical dive on each feature post-launch. Bookmark this blog post to access all of the content in one place.

SW 2015 Bookmark Now 525x166

In September we’ll continue to share tips, user stories, and part reviewers. We’ll also have much more to reveal after the SOLIDWORKS 2015 launch. Thank you for reading!

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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