Shape Up The Way You Search With EXALEAD OnePart by Jeff Gherardi

3DExperience-272x300Many of our GoEngineer customers already know me; I’ve been helping you with your Data Management issues for years. There is much more to Data Management than Revision Control, Change Processes, and Collaboration, it is also about organizing and finding your data.

One of the biggest challenges with the massive amounts of data generated by companies and individuals these days, is that it can be very tough to organize, and even tougher to search. You inevitably end up making multiple copies of your files (compounding the size of your dataset) and probably have them saved in various locations – perhaps one copy in your PDM system, another copy on a network drive for the shop floor, and a third PDF that’s stored and managed in your PLM system.

It’s great that you’re already using tools like PDM and PLM, but there hasn’t been a way to search all 3 sources simultaneously, in the same interface, without building a homegrown/custom search tool to do so.

EXALEAD OnePart from Dassault Systems is a new search engine which became available to SOLIDWORKS customers which provides a ‘Google-like’ simple search box interface to search all your various datasets – Files on multiple drives, multiple EPDM and/or WPDM Vaults, and even certain PLM and ERP data.


Now, you may be able to search file parameters and attributes with your PDM or PLM tool, but you need to run those searches separately in both systems. What those tools lack, however, is the ability to search on Shape, or what is called 3DSimilarity in EXALEAD OnePart.

Imagine interrogating a file, and also being returned results of all files across your entire dataset which match, or have a similar shape to your selected file!

The same underlying technology behind the EXALEAD OnePart search engine is backbone behind the 3DExperience Platform, or the ‘V6’ portfolio of offering from Dassault Systems, including MySolidWorks, SwYm, ENOVIA, and SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual.

This is truly the next generation in search capability for your 3D data. Ask your local GoEngineer branch about more information on EXALEAD OnePart, or contact me directly with questions.


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