Data Loss Costs More than Money

Product development organizations that lack formal product data management systems face the real risk of data loss, which translates to increased development costs, lost productivity, and extended product development cycles. Companies are also at risk for lost revenue, damaged reputation, and struggle to leverage existing design elements for re-use or re-purposing.

Get the facts on data loss
Keep your information safe: get the facts on data loss

A product data management (PDM) system helps you take control of your data to enhance collaboration and innovation. By using PDM, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend searching for parts, assemblies, and drawings.  This allows you to focus your design organization on product innovation with tools to quickly and efficiently find, share, and reuse data.

Further, PDM extends the reach of your company’s design environment—locally or remotely, from engineering through manufacturing— to share information, collaborate on designs, and automatically protect design data with integrated tracking and version control.  Companies can expect to realize the benefits of shortening design cycles, getting to market faster, and reducing development costs.

Read our new Featured Article, “WHAT ARE THE REAL COSTS OF LOSING DATA?” to learn how data loss affects your business from revenue, technical and human resource standpoints. The article sheds light into how an EPDM system can:

  • Keep Your Projects on Schedule: Shorten Time to Market
  • Keep Your Projects on Budget: Reduce Costs
  • Improve Productivity

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