Video-Gaming at Its Finest With the Help of SOLIDWORKS

Surrounded by heaping mounds of rubble and smoke, you’re just about to detonate the enemy army force and win the battle. Things keep intensifying until suddenly you successfully accomplish your mission and the screen rolls credits as an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment washes over you.

There is a completely different and out-of-this world sense of satisfaction that comes from finally beating your favorite video game. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) knows all about this feeling and is responsible for bringing that kind of satisfaction to gamers around the world. They design the groundbreaking computer processing and graphics acceleration chips that power some of the most intense video games like Battlefield 4.


Many video-game aficionados can thank AMD for bringing them the best user experience possible in the video game industry due to its passion for catering to “gamers who demand the best”. In order to provide its customers with the highest level of processing power, there is no room whatsoever for lag time in between the transferring of information between AMD’s different divisions. Here in lies the challenge.

AMD has divisions all across the world; throughout Singapore, Shanghai, and even Bangalore in addition to its home base in Austin, Texas. Due to the disparate geographical locations of these divisions, it takes significant time to share important technical files between these locations. Jabir Yusufali, a member of the technical team says, “It used to take hours to transfer files back and forth among the various locations.”

How did they deal with this slow processing time? They turned to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software to help them create amazing products at the fastest pace possible. Yusufali comments, “With SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software, sharing and accessing files is down to a matter of minutes…The indexed search is very fast, and it’s now much easier to find specific design files. The system makes collaboration both more efficient and effective.”



It’s mind-boggling to think about all the work that goes into bringing each and every video game from designer to the players; AMD along with SOLIDWORKS constantly strives to shorten this time and make it as satisfying as possible for gamers to experience the newest and most exhilarating adventures. Next time you are gripped by an invigorating virtual mission, you can think back to AMD as well as SOLIDWORKS for helping to deliver that excitement at an even faster pace each day. Follow this link to learn more about how AMD used SOLIDWORKS EPDM to

  • Reduce file transfer times from hours to minutes
  • Eliminate prototype boards, saving thousands of dollars annually
  • Shorten file search time dramatically
  • Improve collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineers

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Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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