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Science fiction has wet our appetites with visions of what will be served for dinner in the decades to come. These culinary prognostications range from the realistic, food packets and moon sandwiches in 2001: A Space Odyssey or food pills in the Jetson’s; and the ridiculous, Demolition Man’s prediction that every restaurant will become Taco Bell, thanks to a franchise war; to the frightening, two words: Soylent Green (it’s people)!

Some futurists believe that growing population figures are going to drastically limit food supplies. If true, humanity will likely turn to technology in hopes of solving the food problem. 3D-printed food could become one of the solutions. The idea of eating printed food certainly sounds a bit crazy, but imagine what your average person in 1914 would think of microwaves, which were 32 years from existence in those days. Now imagine how far technology will advance by 2046. We’ll have printed another dimension by that point!

3D printed ice cream
3D printed ice cream

Stop worrying about whether you turned the oven off or if your crockpot will catch fire. If any of this week’s designs make it to the mainstream, recipes will only need one step: click print.

MIT Students Create 3D-Printed Ice Cream

I scream. You scream. We all scream for 3D-printed ice cream. Well if not all of us, there are at least three students at MIT who are interested in printing everyone’s favorite frozen dessert. The trio accomplished this feat by hacking a 3D printer and connecting it to an ice cream maker. On the surface this may sound like a frivolous experiment, however, the students created the project with the goal of inspiring kids to pursue careers in science and technology. Further, the team envisions ice cream shops selling custom 3D-printed ice cream designs dreamed up by patrons. Printing ice cream at home is cool to me, especially when it’s too hot to leave the house.

Army Chow Could One Day Be Made With 3D Printers

If you or someone you know has a United States military background, you’re quite familiar with the concept of Meal, Ready to Eat or MREs. MREs are individual field rations that can be prepared in a flameless heater. Some MRE varieties include Beef Brisket, Vegetable Lasagna, Ratatouille, Maple Sausage and Lemon Pepper Tuna. After living off of MREs, chances are most people would be open to the U.S. Army’s latest idea: serving 3D-printed meals. What’s interesting is that the meals would account for current personnel conditions and tailor food to meet specific vitamin, mineral and nutrient needs.


You Can Now 3D Print Intricate Sugar Skulls for Your Morning Coffee

It’s no secret that nearly everyone needs coffee. Even astronauts on the International Space Station are going to great lengths for caffeine. Naturally, every coffee drinker has their preference. While some stick to light or dark, others, like the Sugar Lab team at 3D Systems, prefer a giant 3D-printed sugar skull in their cup. 3D Systems is releasing its ChefJet, a kitchen-ready 3D printer for edibles later this year. Sweet!


SOLIDWORKS Teams with the FAB Foundation: A Look at the 3D Printers at the FABLAB10 Event

It’s almost unimaginable to us now, but if scientists and engineers are already creating life-saving medical devices and space travel replacement parts, just think of how these advances will affect our everyday lives in the future. Chances are plenty of innovations will develop from FABLABS and FAB Academies. Earlier this month, SOLIDWORKS announced a partnership with the FAB Foundation to supply its global network of more than 300 FABLABS and FAB Academies with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. As this partnership develops, we hope to help the FAB Foundation create new jobs, educate both students and life-long learners, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and invent solutions for a better world.


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