Next Era of Electrical Innovation in SOLIDWORKS

As we innovate, what makes an idea or solution an evolutionary or revolutionary concept? In a recent article, I reviewed several historically significant milestones of electrical innovation and the way these inventions have transformed electrical design.

From simple experiments performed by Ben Franklin to the convergence of logical and physical design, the way we design things has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Ever sketch an idea on the back of a cocktail napkin? You probably wouldn’t think twice about ink or led when tablets and electronic media are at your disposal.

For decades electrical engineers have used integrated schematic and layout tools to create printed circuit boards for electronic design. WHAT if you could couple electrical schematics with 3D mechanical CAD to create a 3D electro-mechanical design environment? Sounds like a revolution.

Well in 2012 SOLIDWORKS introduced SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the first 3D electro-mechanical solution based on true real-time collaboration. SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows electrical and mechanical design teams to work simultaneously using highly automated schematic tools alongside SOLIDWORKS mechanical 3D CAD. With the coupling of these traditionally separate disciplines, SOLIDWORKS created the first affordable, highly-efficient collaborative electro-mechanical design environment – changing the way electro-mechanical designs are achieved.

If you would like to learn more about this ground breaking technology, please check out our videos and feature article by clicking here.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Infographic