SolidWorks World 2014 Partner Spotlight: C&G Systems Inc.

Every year in the weeks leading up to SolidWorks World, we give attendees a chance to learn about some of our Solution Partners attending the event and setting up booths in the Partner Pavilion. Our partners play a big role in making the event great every year, and they always come with some of the newest technology and tools that help make SolidWorks users more productive. Now through January 26, we’re giving some of these partners a chance to let attendees know what they can expect–in their own words. Today we hear from C&G Systems Inc.


C&G Systems Inc of Japan is the result of a Computer Engineering Inc. and Graphic Products Inc. merger is 2010. CE’s focus was on the CAD side of CAD/CAM, and Graphic Products focus was on the high end CAM side. The synergy of the merger allows customers the best of both worlds. Previously CE was involved in developing applications that worked inside of SolidWorks. Therefore is was a natural and easy progression to develop the “CG Series” of software playing on the company name “C&G” plus Add-In the most accurate CAM Software, so all of the SolidWorks users in the world will have access to this solution.


CG CAM-TOOL for SolidWorks focuses on High Speed Machining and Hard Milling and is unsurpassed in the quality of the NC Output. It is conceptually focused on machining Molds & Dies, although it is not limited to those applications. CGS North America Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary of CGS Japan helping to sell and support CG CAM-TOOL and CAM-TOOL, in North America. The products that we sell are CAM-TOOL, CG CAM-TOOL, CG Mold Design and CG Press Design.

The most important thing that a software can do for a user in any case is eliminate the human part of the process. In the world of Mold or Die Making the most labor intensive portion of the exercise is the hand work (polishing), and spotting of the 2 halves of the tool together. In the past, this work was tedious, monotonous, and actually had a negative effect on the accuracy of the finished product. Now with CG CAM-TOOL, a high quality cutting tool, a high end CNC Machine and peripheral equipment the results become a result of accurate “science” and opposed to the inaccurate “art” of someone doing something by hand.

Attending our booth will give you first hand visual confirmation of what can be accomplished in the Machining Process as we will have steel and aluminum samples of various shapes. These samples will be untouched by human hands as far as the processing. They will be directly from the CNC Machine and you will be amazed at what is possible when you use the right CAM Software. We will also be able to give you a demonstration showing you how easy CG CAM-TOOL is to use in the SolidWorks environment.

For more information about CG CAM-TOOL or any of our products please visit us at SolidWorks World 2014 (booth 700) or contact us using any of the methods below.

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