SolidWorks Launches SolidWorks Plastics Advanced

Since its initial launch in April of 2012, SolidWorks Plastics has been deployed by hundreds of customers around the world as the solution of choice to optimize their plastics part and injection mold designs for manufacturability.  Many customers start with SolidWorks Plastics Professional, which allows their part designers to answer some very basic questions such as “will my part fill?”, “where are the weld lines?” and “will there be air traps?”.  Armed with the answers to these questions, the part designers can make high-impact/low-cost design decisions that ultimately result in the highest quality molded parts at the lowest cost.

Once a plastics part design is optimized, customers will then use SolidWorks Plastics Premium to analyze and optimize single-cavity, multi-cavity and family mold layouts.  Users can design injection mold feed systems that include sprues, runners and gates and then optimize them for runner size, gate location and even balance the runner systems of family molds.  In fact, click here to watch a great customer success video from the ECCO Group to see how they lower production costs and eliminate mold rework by using SolidWorks Plastics.


Building on the great success of SolidWorks Plastics since its initial launch, SolidWorks recently announced the release of SolidWorks Plastics Advanced.  In addition to all of the functionality contained in SolidWorks Plastics Premium, SolidWorks Plastics Advanced can also be used to design and analyze injection mold cooling line layouts and predict molded part warpage.  This allows users to optimize cooling system design to minimize cycle times and decrease manufacturing costs and optimize part and mold design, material selection and processing parameters to reduce or eliminate molded part warpage.


SolidWorks customers can now rest assured that SolidWorks Plastics is the most fully-featured, easiest to use and tightly integrated plastics simulation solution to help them design and manufacture the best quality plastics products at the lowest cost, allowing them to decrease time-to-market and beat the competition.

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