SolidWorks World 2014 Partner Spotlight: Lenovo

Every year in the weeks leading up to SolidWork World, we give attendees a chance to learn about some of our Solution Partners attending the event and setting up booths in the Partner Pavilion. Our partners play a big role in making the event great every year, and they always come with some of the newest technology and tools that help make SolidWorks users more productive. Now through January 26, we’re giving some of these partners a chance to let attendees know what they can expect–in their own words. Today we hear from Lenovo.


Lenovo is the largest maker of PCs in the world, ranking #1 in the industry by IDC. Lenovo is focused on technology and innovation that allow people to DO more. Lenovo makes tablets, laptops, PCs, workstations and servers, and produces smart phones in some countries as well. SolidWorks users may be interested in many of our product lines, as we sell both commercial and consumer products. Lenovo products are well known for exceptional excellence in reliability and innovation.

<p”>For the SolidWorks community at SolidWorks World, we focus primarily on our ThinkStation line of products, which are desktop workstations, and our ThinkPad Mobile Workstation line. Our latest ThinkStation line is the most powerful platform we have ever offered for SolidWorks users. It comes with Intel’s latest processors including the Haswell V3 i5,i7 and Xeon® processors and the Sandy Bridge V2 Xeon processors. For 3D graphics Lenovo offers the latest in NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics with Kepler technology.  Our mobile products come with the new Haswell mobile processors and NVIDIA® graphic. If users need something powerful, reliable, energy efficient and quiet then Lenovo is the place to go.


Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad Mobile Workstations will elevate the productivity of users so they can do more in less time. Typically users are experiencing a least 30% to 40% improvements in performance over their older workstations when using our new products. It allows users to have multiple projects open at the same time, to manipulate and change models just as fast as they think, without waiting for the system. It is amazing what engineers can DO with more power and uninterrupted creativity.

This is an extremely exciting year for Lenovo, and we have a lot to show users who stop by. First, we will be showing our newest ThinkStation and ThinkPad mobile workstations running SolidWorks applications so users can see firsthand the great performance. We are also showing several very unique solutions. One of these includes a remote access and sharing solution that we are confident will become the leading solution for sharing designs and getting inputs from others in design reviews. It can be used in multiple ways, first to remotely access your workstation anywhere such as a remote office or home, second to share your desktop with a small number of design partners for input and review, and third it can be used with larger groups, even as a webcast to share very broadly.

For those that like to sketch their designs first, we will be showing one of our cool new products, which will help designers create even faster. It has to been seen. And if this isn’t enough we will be giving away a ThinkPad Tablet 2 each day to one lucky SolidWorks attendee. We invite everyone to stop by and take the Lenovo Technology Tour in our booth and see what we have to offer SolidWorks users.

If you’d like to learn more about Lenovo before you get to San Diego, you can find us at:

  1. Website:
  2. Twitter: @thinkstations
  3. YouTube:
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