SolidWorks World 2014 Partner Profile: Varatech

Every year in the weeks leading up to SolidWorks World, we give attendees a chance to learn about some of our Solution Partners attending the event and setting up booths in the Partner Pavilion. Our partners play a big role in making the event great every year, and they always come with some of the newest technology and tools that help make SolidWorks users more productive. Now through January 26, we’re giving some of these partners a chance to let attendees know what they can expect–in their own words. Today we hear from Varatech, who will be joining us for the 16th time in 2014!



At Varatech, we help companies design and build world class products that meet/exceed all their performance and quality metrics. Our Sigmund Solutions Suite entails Gold Partner SigmundWorks, Sigmund Assembly Build Analysis-ABA, and Sigmund ABA Kinematics which essentially has 3D kinematics enabling a true understanding of the design/build capability and performance of mechanisms in a real-world manufacturing/variation environment. They help you:

  1. Create designs that will go together 100% of the time while identifying significant cost savings and improving quality & performance.
  2. Understand design sensitivity and optimize/de-sensitize designs.
  3. Develop living models and expert design/build quality knowledge base that can be leveraged throughout the life of the product
  4. Maintain designs and validate manufacturing capability easily.

We also offer consulting services that include Sigmund Software training, functional GD&T training, “Design for Product Build Quality” process implementation, setting up quality programs, ongoing support to help clients with complex design needs and manufacturing, build challenges or spikes in work load, Just in time consulting to help put out fires. We also provide consulting services in predicting design build quality and performing variation and tolerance stack-up analysis on existing and future designs to determine cost savings and improve profitability and competitiveness.

We will be in booth #525. Some of the new features SolidWorks users can see in our booth will include

  1. Customized templates to associate process costs, purchased parts, manufacturing capability, and material properties while running Sigmund simulations;
  2. New intelligent wizards that will guide users in a step-by-step manner to identify all the quality and performance build objectives on SolidWorks models;
  3. We also have a new product “Sigmund Drive” that specifically addresses the needs of evaluating drive trains, transmissions and various gear cases. This will be offered to the public in Spring 2014.

SolidWorks users can also find us at:


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