New in SolidWorks 2014: Bent Lofted Bends, Corner Reliefs and Bend Transitions

SolidWorks 2014 introduces some new sheet metal tools to make your design process easier than ever. Now you can create a bent lofted bend to create physical bends, rather than formed geometry and approximated bend lines in a flat pattern. Bent lofted bends form a realistic transition between two parallel profiles to facilitate instructions for press brake manufacturing.

You can also apply corner treatments to a folded sheet metal body that will persist in the flattened state, and view how the corner treatment impacts the folded sheet metal body and how it carries over to the flat pattern. You can use any of the following corner treatment types:

corner treatment types

You can create configuration-specific corner reliefs and suppress or unsuppress them within configurations. For example, for configuration A, you can define a corner relief by selecting all corners and applying a circular relief. In configuration B, you can select all corners and apply a rectangular relief that is suppressed in configuration A and vice versa.

You can see more new features on our SolidWorks 2014 website.

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