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Over the past year, the amount of technical posts we’ve been able to offer has grown by leaps and bounds. Much of that has to do with the growing number of contributors from the SolidWorks reseller channel. Some of it has to do with having more contributors from within SolidWorks. And there are even some posts coming from end users.

Earlier this year, we decided to take the SolidWorks blog you’re reading now and split it in two so that we didn’t overwhelm our readers with too many updates on any given day. So from here on, all of those great technical and how-to entries will have a new home on our new SolidWorks Tech blog. We’ll even be taking some regular updates from the SolidWorks forums and featuring it here as well, including Part Reviewer parts and updates from the SolidWorks Customer Care team. And in case you were wondering, the SolidWorks corporate blog will continue to be a resource for company news, product announcements & updates, customer stories, event coverage and more.

So be sure to add the SolidWorks Tech blog to your news reader or other social applications. We’re looking forward to helping you get even more out of your SolidWorks software.

Matt / SolidWorks

SolidWorks Tech Blog
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