SolidWorks Toolbox Browser: Adding Property Values with the Help of Excel

The SolidWorks Toolbox Browser is one of the most used add-ins by SolidWorks users, and supports international standards, including: ANSI and ISO.

You can use the Toolbox Browser directly from the Toolbox Design Library task pane, in order to access Toolbox components. In addition, you can right-click and drag the component in the assemblies option by selecting the proper parameters (length, width, etc.).


SolidWorks Toolbox by SolidXperts


Interestingly, if a hole is made using the Hole Wizard/Toolbox it will automatically recognize the hole diameter and depth. On the contrary, the inserted fasteners do not contain custom properties that you want. You must manually add the description and the required part number per size to identify it in the nomenclature of a part. This task is done manually and repetitively, and with each new part addition and size. This method is commonly used and known by most users. The parameter configuration is available through the System Options or in the Toolbox Menu.


SolidWorks Toolbox by SolidXperts
SolidWorks Toolbox by SolidXperts


There is a hidden button in the control panel of the Toolbox and it gives you the option to export data to Toolbox parts in Excel format.


SolidWorks Toolbox by SolidXperts


Furthermore, through the power of Excel, quickly and easily insert the configuration specific property. Imagine being able to add or edit the description of a thread length, screw size, and diameter with the help of using Excel. Finally, you can import the file into the Toolbox configuration and your descriptions will be added to the Customize Hardware page.


SolidWorks Toolbox by SolidXperts


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