Come Out and See Me – Here's Where I'll Be

My favorite part of the job is traveling too and speaking at SolidWorks User Group meetings.  Throw in 10 (or so) SWUGN Summit events, and I can stay happy all year.

The next few months are very busy, and there's a pretty good chance I'll end up in your neck of the woods. Depending on where you live, you might also get a chance to hear from some of the top DS SolidWorks executives.

So come on out to any of these SolidWorks User Group meetings or SWUGN summit events and we'll talk SolidWorks!

Tuesday, July 16th
SWUGN Summit – Denver
The SWUGN Summit schedule was purposely weighted towrd the second half of the year, and we'll be in full swing over the next month.  Next week we're in Denver, where folks like Gerald Davis, Dan Riffel, Anna Wood, and Kevin Van Liere will be presenting.  My good friend Jeff Rowe from MCADCafe will also be on hand.

There is still time to register for this event.

Tuesday, July 23rd
SWUGN Summit – Detroit
We're expecting a good crowd in Troy, Michigan as we return to the Detroit area for another SWUGN Summit event.  One of the best Summit venues ever, The San Marino Club, will host us once again.  Come out and see Dan Bovinich do a two-hour session on SolidWorks Best Practices, or Glen Desmier as he brings back his popular "Utilizing Design Intent to be More Creative" session.  Oh yeah, Anna makes another appearance here as well.

Tuesday, August 6th
SWUGN Summit – Columbus
Columbus, Ohio is the perfect setting for a SWUGN Summit event.  There are six SolidWorks User Groups within 150 miles, and three more just over that.  Dan Bertschi, Richard Wand, Peter Fischer, and Paul McCrorey, all user group leaders, and all on the schedule.

Tuesday, August 6th
Seattle Area SolidWorks Power Users Group
Renton, Washington
Okay, I won't be at this event, but DS SolidWorks VP of Worldwide Customer Service Rich Welch will be.  You can join Rich, Jeff Mirisola, and the rest of the SASPUG gang starting at 5:00pm at Renton Technical College.

Wednesday, August 7th
Yakima SolidWorks User Group
Yakima, Washington
I'll meet up with Rich Welch in Seattle early Wednesday morning and we'll make the drive over the Snoqualmie Pass and into the town of Yakima for a 6:00pm meeting.  I'll be presenting a SolidWorks Tips and Tricks session while we're there.  Thanks to Chris Scarlett and the YSWUG team for putting this together.

Thursday, August 8th
Portland Area SolidWorks User Group
Portland, Oregon
One of the first emails I got from Cory Derico involved his working with the Northern Utah SolidWorks User Group.  Just a month or so later, he was heading up PASWUG.  This is the last stop on the Rich Welch tour, and I'm sure Cory will make it special for us.

Tuesday, August 13th
Mount San Antonio SolidWorks User Group
West Covina, California
Without the "Mount" in the name, you might think this group was in Texas.  Not so, and the folks in the North Eastern portion of the LA Metro area have a great group leader in Rhiannon BritneyAaron Kelly, recently appointed Vice President, User Experience and Product Portfolio Management, makes his first SolidWorks User Group tour.  I will also get to present – SolidWorks Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, August 14th
San Diego SolidWorks User Group
San Diego, California
This is a very special meeting, number 200 for Phil Sluder, Jim Boland, and the San Diego SolidWorks User Group.  There wil be lots of folks on hand to celebrate, including Aaron and me.  200 meetings is by FAR the most of any SolidWorks User Group ever, and is a record that may never be broken (because they are still rolling along month after month).

Thursday, August 15th
Las Vegas SolidWorks User Group
Las Vegas, Nevada
Aaron and I will fly into "Sin City" Thursday for a meeting with the Las Vegas SolidWorks User Group.  Sylvia Duran and David Parapilly will welcome us to Vegas. There's also a better than average chance I'll end up at a poker table after the meeting. 

Tuesday, August 20th
SWUGN Summit – Minneapolis
Burnsville, Minnesota
The most anticpated SWUGN Summit event of the year is in the Minneapolis area.  This will be the third time we've been there, and each event has set a new record for Summit attendance.  The event hasn't even been formally announced, and we have 50 people registered.  We could be looking at close to 225 people this year.  The lineup is impressive, with Dan Podzimek, Brian Lindahl, Rob Jensen, Peter Loring, Greg Rice, Amos Avery, and Chris Narveson presenting.

There is plenty of time to register for this event, but not plenty of space.  We will cap attendacne at 225, so if you're in the Minneapolis area, you might want to click HERE.

The Week of September 2nd – 6th
Waltham, Massachusetts
I get to spend a week at the Mother Ship, starting off with the SolidWorks 2014 Launch Event, and continuing through the week helping to spread SolidWorks User Group news and talking with folks about the 2014 SWUGN plan.  If there are any SolidWorks User Group meetings scheduled that week, you can bet I'll be there as well.

Tuesday, September 10th
SWUGN Summit – Nashville
Franklin, Tennessee
This might be the second most anticipated SWUGN Summit event, but not necessarily due to attendance.  Although we expect a huge turnout, its the lineup of presenters that should have folks thinking about attending no matter where they might live and work.  Check out these names – Ricky Jordan, Gary Hall, Brian McElyea, Nicole Walden, Scott Baugh, Rustin Webster, and Paul Collins.  Throw in Brad Williamson and Mike Spens from DS SolidWorks, and you will see why we had to go to a three-track schedule this year.

Not yet confirmed, but theres a 99% chance I'll head over to see the Chattanooga SolidWorks User Group that week as well.

Tuesday, September 17th
SWUGN Summit – Happy Valley
State College, Pennsylvania
Randall Bock convinced me a few years back to hold a Summit event nearly four hours away from…well…anywhere.  We're going back because the turnout was huge, and Randall promises an even bigger event this time around.  The SWUGN Summit – Happy Valley will attract almost as many students this time as it will commercial SolidWorks users.

All told, that's 30 flight segments, 23 nights in a hotel, and approximately 1700 miles by car.

WOW – This is going to be fun!!

For more information on these events and much more, visit the SolidWorks User Group Network website –


Richard Doyle
My official title is Senior User Advocacy & SolidWorks User Groups - but most people just call me "The User Group Guy". I've been a SolidWorks user since 1997, and was one of the founding members of the SWUGN Committee. Since starting the Central Texas SolidWorks User Group in 1999, my career path has led me to DS SolidWorks and a dream job supporting the SolidWorks User Group Network worldwide.
Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle