Romotive turns your iPhone into a programmable robot

(Soon to be) San Francisco-based Romotive recently announced Romo, a programmable robot that uses your iPhone or iPod Touch as its brain. Using a simple app-based interface, kids as young as eight can program Romo to perform a wide variety of tasks, as well as communicate with other people around the world. Romotive's design team used SolidWorks to create Romo, and a recent feature video on shows the software in use during the design process. You can see it here (SolidWorks at 1:40):

Like another SolidWorks customer, Aldebaran Robotics, Romotive sees Romo as having possible theraputic applications for children with autism. In some situations, it's easier for autistic children to interact with
robots than people due to their predictable range of responses,
non-threatening appearance, and comfort with repetition.

We at SolidWorks are excited to see companies taking new approaches to the field of robotics, and with a price of only $149, Romo could help get a whole new generation of kids excited about a career in the field. You can learn more about Romo on the Romotive website.


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