Revisiting Your SolidWorks Copy Settings

Most users run the SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard after they have initially set up the SolidWorks interface to their liking. The problem with this is you turn on all the possible options you may use and leave them at that. In most cases, you’re working on a project for a specific customer and their product might not require half the options you enabled. It’s like leaving the ladder in the middle of the room after you changed the light bulb a month ago.

With SolidWorks 2013, you can change the setting with the application turned on. No longer are the days of having the sheetmetal tools in your way while working with the mold tools. This will also give you quicker access to the tools you need by removing the one not used.


You can Save or Restore system settings for:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts
    • Start reusing left hand keyboard shortcut command options based on the type of project you're working on.
  2. Menu customization
    • Turn on visibility option in the view menu during part creation that might get in the way when putting together that assembly.
  3. System options
    • Create Project/Customer specific paths for templates and sheet formats.
  4. Toolbar layout (All toolbars or Macro toolbar only)
    • Have post processing macros for exporting to PDF or DWG available based on the customer requirements.

Starting the Copy Settings Wizard

You can launch the Copy Settings Wizard from the Tools > Save/Restore Settings in the SolidWorks software or click Start > All Programs > SolidWorks version > SolidWorks Tools > Copy Settings Wizard icon .

When you start the wizard from the SolidWorks software, the wizard runs in a special mode which allows the SolidWorks software to remain up and running, while you save or restore your current user settings.

Copy Settings Wizard

If you start the wizard from the Start Menu, you can save settings while SolidWorks is running but any options set during the current session are not saved. Also, if you are restoring settings, ensure that the computer or user to which you are restoring settings is not running SolidWorks.

Saving System Settings

To save system settings:

  1. In the Welcome dialog box, select Save Settings, then click Next.
  2. Browse to a location and file name, select the types of settings, then click Finish.
    The wizard confirms that the settings have been written to the specified file.
  3. Click OK.
    The settings files have a default extension of .sldreg. If you double-click a file with this extension, the Copy Settings Wizard appears.

Restoring System Settings

To restore system settings:

  1. In the Welcome dialog box, select Restore Settings, thenclick Next.
  2. Browse to a file from which to restore settings, select the types of settings to restore, then click Next.
  3. Select the type of destination (Current user, One or more network computers, or One or more roaming user profiles), then click Next.
    If you selected One or more network computers, a list of available computers is displayed.
    If you selected One or more roaming user profiles, a list of available users is displayed.
  4. If you selected One or more network computers or One or more roaming user profiles, select a user or a computer and click Add, repeat until you have specified
    all computers or users, then click Next.
  5. Select or clear Create backup of current settings for each_computer_or_user, then
    click Finish.
    The wizard confirms that the settings have been copied successfully.
  6. Click OK.

No more excuses with not being able to find the right tools or complaints about the toolbars taking up to much of the SolidWorks interface. Remember what Dad always said, “When you’re done with the tool, put it back where you got it.”


Jerald Staley is a Certified SolidWorks Expert and a member of the technical staff at DASI Solutions, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations throughout Michigan and Indiana. He is a regular contributor to the DASI Solutions Blog.

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