SolidWorks World 2013 Partner Profile: Capvidia

One of the things we’ve heard from SolidWorks World attendees over the past few years is that you’d like to learn more in advance about the  SolidWorks partners who set up booths in the Partner Pavilion. So now through SolidWorks World 2013, we’ll be posting a series of blog entries about some of the partners you might think about checking out, and the people who will be representing them. Today we hear from Capvidia.


Tell us about Capvidia.

Capvidia is global company specializing in 3D data translation, data quality, validation, visualization, and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for  SolidWorks users. We’ve been working with SolidWorks since 1995 and are a Certified Gold Partner with four products.

What products do you sell for SolidWorks customers? 

We sell FormatWorks, CompareWorks, PDQWorks, and FaceWorks via the SolidWorks reseller channel.   We also offer data translation services.

We solve the difficult problems associated with working with imported 3D CAD models in SolidWorks.  First of all, we solve all the translation issues for SolidWorks users by providing a precise, valid model using FormatWorks translation.   Our IGES and STEP translation is phenomenal and we have the very best bi-directional translation of CATIA. We also provide full support for reading MBD (model based definition) from CATIA, Creo/ProE, and Siemens NX.

Secondly, our CompareWorks product will validate any data translated into SolidWorks, by comparing it to the original CAD model.   This gives SolidWorks users the confidence that the translation of 3D CAD models into SolidWorks is correct.    And if the model is not correct, and SolidWorks healing is used , you can also validate the healed model to the original CAD model.   CompareWorks is also used to validate changes due to  FeatureWorks or to compare parts that are remastered in SolidWorks to the original CAD File.    CompareWorks is an excellent tool for those  companies who need to migrate data to SolidWorks.

CompareWorks also enables SolidWorks to comply with MBE (Model Based Enterprise) processes where data is reused.   CompareWorks makes SolidWorks is the only CAD system with this capability.

Why should SolidWorks World attendees visit your booth?

FormatWorks 2013 will be unveiled with our new capability to read PMI, GD&T and FT&A from CATIA, ProE, and UG directly into SolidWorks.   We will
also  show new capabilities that enable SolidWorks to with MBD data comply with MBE processes.    We will also be offering special deals for those who visit our booth.

How can customers connect with you before, during and after the show?

SolidWorks World 2013 booth number – 512

Website URL –

Email address –

Telephone number – 507 276-2379  or 949 910 2916

Facebook page  –

YouTube channel –


If you want to learn more about the SolidWorks Solution Partners exhibiting at SolidWorks World 2013, you can find a complete list on our website.

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