Introducing the SolidWorks Plastics Dream Team

Munich, Germany Dream Team

Hi – while you might have heard about the release of SolidWorks Plastics back in April of this year, you may not have heard about the SolidWorks Plastics "Dream Team" – the world's largest field organization with plastics domain expertise

The Dream Team consists of over 200 SolidWorks Territory Technical Managers and Directors, Support Engineers, Reseller Application Engineers, Product Managers, Training & Certification Managers and more.  All 200+ have been trained and educated on the fundamentals of plastics materials, best practices in plastics part and injection mold design, injection molding theory and in some cases, hands-on injection molding.


Cambridge, UK Dream Team

We partnered with the University of Massachusetts Lowell – one of the world's leading Plastics Engineering programs – to help develop and deliver the training content.  Then we started training the Dream Team so that they could understand the design-to-manufacturing challenges our customers face every day. 

Armed with that knowledge, the Dream Team can better help SolidWorks customers optimize their plastic part designs, injection mold designs and the injection molding process itself.  We started in Boston, MA and then took a world tour with stops in Woodland Hills, CA; Velizy, France; Cambridge, UK; Munich, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo then came all the way back to Boston for even more training.  The pix you see here are of the Dream Team members from all those locations.


Woodland Hills, CA Dream Team

Of course, the Dream Team has been fully trained on the use and application of SolidWorks Plastics, software tools that can be used to predict and avoid injection molding manufacturing defects in the earliest stages of part and mold design so you can avoid mold rework, improve part quality and decrease time to market.

Tokyo, Japan Dream Team

Finally, the SolidWorks Plastics Dream Team has only just begun – it is growing on a weekly basis and we expect to add another 100+ engineers to the worldwide team by the end of August.  So if you're involved in the injection molding design-to-manufacturing process, feel free to call on a member of the SolidWorks Plastics Dream Team for help in optimizing your part and mold designs.


Shanghai, China Dream Team

Until next time…clear your mind, focus and GET THAT PROJECT DONE!





Velizy, France Dream Team


Boston, MA 2 Dream Team


Boston, MA 3 Dream Team


Singapore Dream Team


Boston, MA 1 Dream Team

Peter Rucinski

Peter Rucinski

My technical background is based on BS and MS degrees in plastics engineering from UMASS Lowell and a career focused on all things injection molding – simulation, plastics materials, part design, mold design, mold making and injection molding process troubleshooting & optimization. And I have been extremely fortunate to have developed business acumen that comes from being intimately involved in growing a small engineering software company ~7X in revenues while tripling headcount, successfully executing an IPO and multiple acquisitions, coaching product teams and developing the go-to-market strategy for numerous successful product launches.