Including Reference Axes in Library Features

Have you ever tried to create a library feature in SolidWorks, but ran into an issue when trying to include a reference axis as part of the feature?  Here's how we get that reference geometry included.

  1. Create your library feature as you normally would.
  2. Add your feature(s) to the library (this is where you'll notice that even if you pick your reference geometry it won't allow you to select it and ultimately will be left out of the final library feature.)
  3. When you hit the OK check mark in the Add To Library property manager, SolidWorks will most likely ask you if you'd like to simplify the Library feature part (basically SolidWorks is trying to remove unnecessary features from the originating part file in the final library feature part.)  Say NO to this message.
  4. Now, open the library feature in its own window. 
  5. The Reference Geometry should still be in the feature tree but doesn't have the L symbol on it indicating it is not part of the library feature.  Simply right-click on the reference geometry and choose 'Add To Library'
  6. Voila–you're done.  Save and Close and test your library feature out.

If you've never created a library feature before or want a visual of the steps above, check out the supplied video of how to build a library feature – with the aforementioned steps – in SolidWorks.


Brian VanderPloeg is an Applications Engineer at Fisher/Unitech, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations across the Midwestern and Northeastern United States. He is a regular contributor to the Fisher/Unitech blog.