SolidWorks Partner Profile: InspectionXpert

Tell us about InspectionXpert. What do you do?

We are a software development company that provides automation tools for quality inspection departments. We sell versions of InspectionXpert that work with PDF/TIFF files and with CAD software such as SolidWorks.


Why should SolidWorks customers be interested in your product?

InspectionXpert InterfaceMost companies who manufacture products or receive manufactured products need to inspect those products to make sure the finished parts meet the original design specifications so they can be sure the parts will fit or work as intended. 

When parts are inspected, most companies print out a manufacturing drawing and manually add balloons or bubbles to the drawing to identify what should be inspected. Then they hand write or key data into an inspection report form. Those two items are used to capture the results of the inspection, so they will have a record of whether these parts pass or fail the inspection. 

InspectionXpert automates the creation of the ballooned drawing and the inspection report form either from a PDF/TIFF file or directly from SolidWorks. This usually means about 60% to 90% time savings. 

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What are your customers saying about InspectionXpert?

What we hear from customers is that InspectionXpert is that it's easy to use, and is a huge time saver for them.  One of our customers told us “Even on a six- or seven-sheet drawing, with a couple of hundred dimensions, with InspectionXpert, at the most it would take us five minutes to create an inspection sheet [using InspectionXpert for SolidWorks].”


How can SolidWorks customers learn more about your products?

Phone:  800.379.0322







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