SolidWorks Partner Profile: 3D QuickTools

Tell us about 3D QuickTools

We are a group of experienced developers based in Hong Kong developing die and mold applications on the SolidWorks platform. 3D QuickTools was formed in 2002 and our history of developing tooling software began in 1993. All our colleagues have been working to help different customers in the world to meet their special requirements in tool and die design. Every year, our systems grow in terms of functions and speed that make customers happier. We enjoy this result.

2. What does your company develop?

We have 3DQuickPress for metal tool and die design, and 3DQuickStrip for strip layout modeling. We also have 3DQuickMold for plastic injection mold design.

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Why should SolidWorks customers be interested in your products?

SolidWorks is the best design tool, and today a larger number of SolidWorks customers wish to continue the downstream manufacturing design process in SolidWorks. Our solutions are the best continuation of their product design. There is no need for data conversion and re-training to a new system. Customers can use our SolidWorks add-in to finish the detailed manufacturing design, either in metal tooling or plastic mold design. They can keep all the benefits of the SolidWorks and EPDM environments with our applications and data.

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How do your products help SolidWorks users be more successful and productive?

Without using our mold and die solutions, SolidWorks users may not even develop a reasonable strip layout in metal tooling, or do very complex parting in plastic mold. Our unique technologies simply turbo-charge SolidWorks, making it the top mold and die solution in the market.

Who is using your products?

Today we have over 800 companies using our solutions around the world. Around 50% of our customers are in electronics, and 30% in auto parts. The remaining 20% are in medical, aerospace, furniture, marine industries. Mr. Brandon Lee of Precision Tool & Stamping tells us that "3DQuickPress allows PTS to design faster with fewer mistakes."


How can customers reach you or learn more about your product?

Phone: +852 2788 2832 (Hong Kong)




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