See how nonlinear analysis helps represent part behavior under different conditions

One of the powerful tools of SolidWorks Simulation Premium is the ability to test designs that undergo large deformations or have varying material properties with loads.

Until recently, most finite element analysis (FEA) applications undertaken by design engineers were limited to linear analysis. Such linear analysis provides an acceptable approximation of real-life characteristics for most problems design engineers encounter. Nevertheless, occasionally more challenging problems arise, problems that call for a nonlinear approach.

Nonlinear FEA software interfaces within CAD and has become much easier to use, and improved solution algorithms and powerful desktop computers have shortened solution times. A decade ago, engineers recognized FEA as a valuable design tool. Now they are starting to realize the benefits and greater understanding that nonlinear FEA brings to the design process.

This video will demonstrate:

  • Loads and boundary conditions
  • Detailed meshes
  • Stress analysis

Visit our website to watch the full video and learn more about nonlinear analysis.

Nonlinear analysis video

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