Amtrak keeps the trains running on time–with help from SolidWorks

I occasionally take the Acela Express when I need to visit New York City. From where I live outside of Boston, the trip is just as quick as driving to Logan, flying into LaGuardia, and taking a cab into Manhattan. Plus, you don't have to deal with airport security, the seats are much nicer, and there's WiFi available. And, it costs less (all things considered). So hooray for Amtrak.

I was interested to find out that Amtrak is actually a SolidWorks customer. In fact, they've been using the tools to help turn their older, outdated trains into something more suited to the 21st century. The company added new seats and lighting to its completely refurbished car interiors, as well as green elements that include LED lighting and recycling bins. In addition to helping engineers improve its passenger railcars, SolidWorks helped its designers increase productivity by 60% and realize time savings of 40%.

Amtrak train 1
And they're not just using SolidWorks 3D CAD. They're also using SolidWorks Simulation to analyze structural performance and ensure safety in critical components, such as railcar suspensions. And they're using Enterprise PDM to automate document approval processes with electronic workflows and email notifications to streamline its processes.

The team at Amtrak was nice enough to work with us on a case study, which you can download from our website. If you want to learn more about how SolidWorks is helping them modernize America's ageing infrastructure more efficiently, take a look. After all, there's something about a train…

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