Now available: SolidWorks World mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Last year, we released an iPhone app for SolidWorks World 2011. People liked it. But not everyone was happy, because we *only* released an iPhone app, leaving Android users out in the cold. So this year, we decided to release three versions of the app. iPhone and Android users will both be happy, and there’s even an iPad version, which I particularly like (having used it for the past few weeks).

The apps have great interactive maps, speaker and session info, San Diego area maps, and even a built-in QR code scanner for building your contact list on-site. You can also pull up your agenda using your registration login and password. And there’s also quick access to our Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts, as well as a preset search for the #SWW12 Twitter hashtag. Go get it.

You can find the iPhone and iPad apps here in the iTunes app store

You can find the Android here in the Android Market




Matthew West

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