SolidWorks World 2012 International Series: Talking Shop with Kavita Aroor

As we gear up for SolidWorks World 2012, we'll be running a series of interviews that shine a spotlight on our employees from different parts of the world, and why you might consider attending.

This time, we're talking with down with Kavita Aroor, marketing manager for SolidWorks India, to discuss CAD trends in her region and the reasons why her customers should attend SolidWorks World 2012. Kavita is one of the newest members on the SolidWorks team, but she comes to us with years of experience in the Indian CAD business.

This will be Kavita’s first SolidWorks World experience, so we look forward to seeing her and our Indian users in just a few weeks. If you see Kavita, be sure to say hello.

Q: What are the key trends in India? What are the business drivers?

A: The Indian CAD market has undergone a rapid transformation in the last few years. Economic growth, coupled with the high disposable income of the Indian population, has been beneficial for the manufacturing, construction and automotive industries. Availability of low cost and high quality labor has been instrumental in the growth of the engineering and automotive export market, thereby spurring the need for accurate designing. Additionally, the demand for CAD in educational and engineering institutions, and booming small and medium businesses, is aiding this growth. Further, the government's favorable policies for infrastructure development are driving the growth of the CAD market in the architectural segment.


Q: What is the impact of globalization on the SMB market?

A: Globalization is forcing the SMB players to meet stringent standards and face stiffer regional and global competition from large established players. Further, many SMB players are part of the supply chain of large global players, which is compelling them to adopt CAD for their designing requirements. This demand in the SMB segment is leading CAD vendors to provide a portfolio of design solutions, specifically designed for the needs of SMBs. The booming SMB segment, coupled with its need to maintain a competitive advantage is driving the growth of the CAD market in this segment. Today 3D CAD is becoming affordable, with more and more companies migrating from 2D-based drafting systems because of 3D’s inherent advantages. Not only that, these companies are also looking at a comprehensive solution to address their other requirements in engineering.


Q: What kinds of businesses/customers make up most of the market in your region?

A: Automotive design forms the largest segment, accounting for 65-70% of the market, followed by aerospace at 15-16% and electric/electronic machinery design at 10-12%. SolidWorks offers unique solutions to meet the requirements of these varied industries.


Q: Why do you think customers in your region should attend SolidWorks World 2012? Why should they spend the time and money?

A: SolidWorks World brings together numerous thought leaders from the designing industry to discuss and brainstorm the trends, challenges and new innovations to help manufacturers make more efficient and accurate products. It also provides a rare opportunity for solution providers to hear firsthand from SolidWorks customers and partners from industries ranging from aerospace and medical instruments, to consumer electronics and renewable energy. The event is also a great platform for networking and could lead to business opportunities.


Kavita, thank you for taking the time to chat with us; we can’t wait to see you, and your customers, at SolidWorks World in February!

Don't forget, you can still save $100 if you register now through January 20, 2012. If you pay for two registrations, we'll throw in a third for free, and as always, CSWPs save $100. You can see all of our registration deals at the SolidWorks World website.

If you're coming from overseas and need help with a visa, be sure to visit the SolidWorks World website for more information.


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