Announcing the SolidWorks World 2012 International Intrigue Contest

SolidWorks World 2012
Are you a SolidWorks user 21 or older residing outside of the United States?

Do you enjoy design, international intrigue and rubbing elbows with some of the most accomplished designers in your field?

Would you like to attend SolidWorks World 2012 and take home a new set of tools or tips for better and more efficient design engineering?

If so, we have a mission for you. 

SolidWorks is seeking stories from users based outside the United States—we want to know why you want to come to SolidWorks World 2012, what the benefit would be for you and your busines, and what you hope to achieve with the knowledge you would gain at the show. The more intriguing the post, the more likely you are to be chosen, so make sure you include details such as whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred, and if you’ve ever designed a camera ring, a flying car or a shoephone.

The winner of this contest wins a full SolidWorks World 2012 conference pass, as well as a hotel room for three nights and round trip airfare to and from San Diego, California.

So what’s the catch? We’ll also be asking the winner to write a blog post after the show, to be posted on this blog. We'll ask you to cover show highlights, favorite sessions and your #1 takeaway—in other words, we’ll also be making the winner a SolidWorks World celebrity!

If you qualify for this contest, tell us why you should be the winner in the comments section below. Be sure to tell us what country you live in, as well as:

  • Why you want to attend the show
  • What the most significant design challenge is in your region
  • What you hope to learn or do at SolidWorks World 2012
  • What session is of the most interest
  • Who you most hope to meet

Don't wait too long—the contest ends on December 15, and we'll pick a winner on December 16. You can click here to read the full terms and conditions of the contest. In a nutshell, you have to be 21 or older to enter, and citizens of the USA, Brazil, China and Quebec aren't eligible (sorry). If you work for Dassault Systemes, or a DS/SolidWorks reseller or partner, (or have any immediate family members who do) you can't enter. Residents of some countries may require a visa to enter the United States. You can visit the SolidWorks World website to learn more.

Don't forget, you can still save $100 if you register before January 20. And if you pay for two registrations, we'll throw in a third for free. And, as always, CSWPs save $100. You can see all of our registration deals at the SolidWorks World website.

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Download SolidWorks World 2012 International Intrigue Contest Terms and Conditions

Matthew West

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.

7 Responses to “Announcing the SolidWorks World 2012 International Intrigue Contest”

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    Andrew J. Coyne

    I should be the winner of the Solidworks World 2012 International Intrigue Contest for the following reasons:-
    Firstly, I am an international man, ( ….of mystery? That is for others to conclude). I am from Scotland, the land of invention. For the record, I also like my whisky neat, no ice. A malt is of course essential. (I am sure San Diego should be able to offer such delights, as it is one of my countries main exports!)
    Secondly, I have always had a great desire to attend the Solidworks World conference. I have seen the promotions for these events over the years and looked on with a heavy heart, as I know despite all the covert justification letters you offer and reasons I could muster, the companies I have worked with over those years would have never have seen it as a strategic mission to deploy me on, despite my rational.
    Why the desire? Well, because I love Solidworks, I truly do! Sure I’ve had my frustrations over the years with it, that can’t be denied, but on the whole, it is a loyal and very trusted friend I collaborate with very intimately every working day. I have worked with it since 2005 and I have seen the features progress and have refinements and improvements year on year. My relationship with it is close, and as they say, keep your friends close, although I luckily have no enemies to keep closer! (That I know of).
    To work so closely, you become very familiar with the methods and techniques you are familiar with, yet I am aware of it being capable of so much more. Finding the time to explore or implement these extra added features is sometimes impossible, despite some of them being ever so simple and obvious once tried. So I would imagine having the luxury of having to attend the presentations about a variety of subjects in areas I feel my current knowledge or confidence is lacking in could pay dividends in the long run.
    My career to date has seen me working for 24 years and I can honestly say that my years with Solidworks have been the most rewarding. Solidworks is like my left hand, I feel it is part of me, I would not have such an enjoyable and rewarding career if I did not have Solidworks by my side. I am a general all round Product Design Engineer, trained as an Industrial Designer originally and have slowly worked my way through various roles in quite a diverse range of industries, initially designing, Promotional Merchandising Equipment, Televisions, Satellite receivers, Security Equipment, working with electrical and optical systems, incredibly complex electronic telecoms testing equipment, Catering vehicles, Electrical Connectors for high speed Data Transfer, to more recent projects such as Complete Video Laryngoscopes for babies to Pharmaceutical and Biological Testing Equipment, I have seen a fair few products and industries and sadly only used Solidworks in the last few, but how I wish Solidworks would have been around in those early CAD free days to help speed things along.
    Given that I am a trained Industrial Designer also, visuals and presentation material is always close to my heart and Solidworks has always delivered along these fronts, always striving to give as realistic a view of things as possible and enhancing the rendering capabilities as and when possible, it is always a delight to use such features and makes a dreary design task all the more enjoyable by making it a little more glamorous using Solidworks’ rendering or real-view to enhance the experience. In this line of work, we need all the glamour we can get, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
    As such I have been an avid follower of Rob Rodriguez over the years and would love to meet the man in person and be in one of his lectures and possibly compare notes on rendering etc.
    My current role as a Design Engineering Manager sees me not only doing all the design work but controlling the CAD system and data and methods of constructing all the various CAD models and products that we create. I would therefore love to learn all I can about data management ,existing design data leverage, configuration design and property features to name but a few. Our current product design requires a lot of similar products configured in a variety of ways using quite an extensive library of parts and assemblies, so tips and tricks on how to control all this information would be very useful.
    Finally, one of my up and coming tasks is to design a gun, yes, you heard it right, a gun. OK, it’s a tattoo gun, but a gun none the less! I will be required to do a reasonable amount of surfacing on that job, so it would be good to get up to speed on those skills too.
    There are so many facets of my Solidworks experience that could and would be improved and enhanced by attending the Solidworks world 2012 conference and as such would benefit my company also. To meet with other users and enthusiasts would be a very rewarding experience also, as I feel being a lone agent out here in the field can be a little disheartening. We all need a little support at times.

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    Yoshihiro Dobashi

    I join the SolidWorks World 2012 International Intrigue Contest.Why I join the contest,I have passion for the SolidWorks.I recommend for the contest.

    >Why you want to attend the show

    I am Yoshihiro Dobashi. I’m Japanese.
    I am arepresentative of SolidWorks UserGroup(Club) of Nagano in Japan. SolidWorks UserGroup(Club) of Nagano belong to SWUGN for the first time in Japan in May 2011.In this memorable year. Before join SWUGN, We have dedicated SolidWorks since our committee established. In SWW2012, I want to study SolidWorks through the case. I want to meet many SolidWorks Users and have contact with them. The information from SolidWorks Corporation and SolidWorks Users will give me the idea and the sensation. I want to inform the information and the passion to my committee’s member, co-workers at my company. These are the important mission for me. In my business ,I have been gone ahead with Digital Engineering processing on Manufacturing. I am a manager this division. And, I devote professional attention to Simulation , TolAnalyst , PDM ,Optimization of design approach.
    In SolidWorks2012 Beta contest, I have reported on problems of SW2012Beta.As a result of it, I have won the rank 6th in the world. By comparison , SolidWork Beta contest in Japan, I have won the rank 3rd. It is important for me to know the new products as a business. As a result of it, I can plan to make the long term design.I have CSWP-core, CSWP-advance(FEA). Now,I am studying CSWP-advance sheatmetal.
    In finaly I want to become a CSWE.
    I want to go ahead with CSWP in Japan.
    For theinplementation, I have published books on SolidWorks approved SolidWorks Japan.
    In SWW2011,I was introduced on screen by Mr. Mike Pucket. May be,many persons in genaral session see me. If I can join the SWW2013,I want to meet CSWP in CSWP special event.

    >What the most significant design challenge is in your region

    It is the most important issue to make the optimization.The optimization is not simple. The optimization can not make from only 3-dimension CAD. Needless to say, it can not make from 2-dimension CAD.
    About DATA management, In many case, Modification is used in designing.
    Using 3-dimension CAD,We must manage the CAD data, for example, revision, version.If we have mistake the data when we use as a reference previous data,
    New Design will has problem on quality. What the most recent data?
    What the previous data? I think it is important for design and design quality.
    My theory and case of PDM have placed the Japanese media and Everyone can see it.(IT-media MONO-ist)

    >About Design Validation

    The Design time is not enough, it is very shorten time, especially recent year.
    Our company, too.
    But Quality of products is determined by design 70-80% ,I think so. As a result of it, in many case, there are problem of quality. We must resolve the problem of product’s quality. What is the answer for it? I think one of them is Design Validation.
    Simulation is effective measure. Structural, Mechanism, Heat conduction, Flow. I have been used them. And I think Software simulation is important, too. The Embedded software becomes important, and stand on mechanical design. Software simulation with 3-dimension data will be more important future.
    For reference, I have joined the discussion in Japanese media (IT-media MONO-ist),this report can see
    everyone on web.(Sorry language Japanese only)

    >About Visualization
    If we find the problem on design, opinion of manufacturing and the third person is effective. They have many experience. By the 3-dimension view form made 3-dimension CAD, we can understand the model
    through instinct. As a result of it, we can find latent problem. 3-dimension viewer is communication tool in manufacturing. DATA management,
    Design validation, Visualization based on 3-dimension CAD, SolidWorks.

    >What you hope to learn or do at SolidWorks World 2012

    One of them, Know current trend of SolidWorks.
    Trend of SolidWorks Corporation, the next version trend SolidWorks2013,User case,
    and many solution/products, it is the important to know these for me. The other,
    To meet the manySolidWorks use in event,party,CSWP party, it is the important.
    Especially, I want to join the SWUGN meeting. I want to learn, study from them about management of User committee.

    >What session is of the most interest

    I want to join the General session every day and ,Especially to join Customer success, Design validation.
    These are the session that I am interestead in.
    General Session
    SolidWorks Tips for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Design
    Evaluating Component Cost Reduction Options Using SolidWorks Simulation

    >Who you most hope to meet

    I want to meet many specialist and SolidWorks Customer
    in United States and around the world.
    I want to meet the particuler person.
    Mr.Richard Doyle (SolidWorks/SWUGN)
    Mr.Mike Pucket (SolidWorks Certificate)
    Mr.Toddo(SolidWorks Tolanalyst Development)
    And Many SWUGN Leader,Many developer of SolidWorks

    I study SolidWorks,and I comunicate the technical information of SolidWorks,the trend of SolidWorks,the passion, to our committee,co-workes,Japanese Media.
    I place my impression on this Blog.
    This is my happiness and my mission.

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    Jimmy Westberg

      Dear SolidWorkers,

    I’m a 30 year old design engineer from Sweden. At our company we are using SW as our main CAD tool, and have been for the past 6 years. I would like to attend the SWW2012 event since I’ve read about many intersting seminars about automisation of the design process. One seminar (#4645 with Paul Gimbel) cought my eyes. Aside from SW, Excel is my second most used software at work and we usi it for anything from calculating simpel stress and shear forces to generating our technical documentation for our products.

    This pretty much sums up the average design engineer in our region, we do more – we do it faster – and we do it will less people. One way to tackle this problem (which sometimes causes to much stress) is to do what the stock market already is doing – let’s put the computers into real work. In other words, lets automate.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve just scratched the surface of the possibilities and I’m sure that the SWW2012 event would help me, and my colleagues, to open our eyes even more – no doubt!
    If I get lucky enough to blog about the trip I’d really like to meet Roland (okay, not a REAL PERSON but a fun experience none the less) and talk to them about prototyping and benchtop milling. I think they’re really on to something. I believe that in the future design engineers will be more in charge of the entire process. From idea – to CAD design – to CAM pre-machining – to manufacturing. More advanced software and machines will be in the hands of the future engineer. I look ahead and see only positive things, can’t wait to get there.

    /Jimmy Westberg

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    Good letter Jimmy !

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    Mark Clayton

    I am a Designer From the UK I live & breathe 3D wheather its engineering or Art & I would love the opertunity to see what the big wide world is doing first hand as this has to be the most exciting time for 3D with the hardware & software changing rapidly plus the soon to be eventual creation of the flexible screen work desk with no mouse keyboard just a clear panel to work on(not to far away i think),I would also be nice to see who is pushing the boundries.
    Plus all those fantastic training sessions i have watched & learnt form when the solidworks world presentations are posted.Thanks to all those who have posted there sessions i find them compelling also those fantastic virtual inovation days.

    Thank You all at Dassault ,, Mark

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    Jimmy Westberg

    Thanks Bertier! Yours was fun to read as well. 🙂

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    Dear SolidWorks,

    my name is Mikael Ericsson, 34 years old, born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. I started using SolidWorks when I was 20 years old back in 1997. I’m applying for this contest because I’m, according to Mattias Robertsson at SW Corp. is “A great ambassador for SW” and I want to continue spreading the benefits with working in SW.

    You could say that it was a lucky shot, choosing SolidWorks. Back at that time, very few knew much about it. It didn’t have many functions and was quite hard to draw advanced designs in. I tried some advanced surfacing as early as 1998, around the Ericsson R310 cellular components and accessories, and that was some serious lofting I tell you. I spent almost 400 hours on a single car holder! During the years, SolidWorks has developed in a furiously rapid speed and have become one of the big players and a standard solution in the professional industry, driven by development. During this time I have grown along with SW and have spent approximately 10.000 hours behind this software.

    I few years later we started Top Notch Design AB,, where I’m the CEO and Chief of Design today. Our business idea is to make all the design and plastic construction in SW and every product is created in SW. We try to use all of what SW have to offer while designing products. We use it for every design surface, mechanical function, PCB layout, sheet metal, FEM analysis, render and more.

    During my six years in the company, we have designed many crazy things created in SW. In 2008 I was using SW live in Swedish Television, developing products in three of the ten episodes long “72 Hour Race” production. I have also helped, in Sweden spreading the word of SW through live demonstrations at various Design Schools and in 2009 I was the main speaker at SolidEngineers annual Customer forum in the topic “Making design surfaces in SW”. I try hard to evoke the Swedish Industry to upgrade their often old CAD systems and speak about the market advantages with a esthetic and practical design in a product.

    While being a big fan of surface modeling, I would like to see Charles Culp and Mark Biasotti. I think I have seen all of the surface tricks and tips on the web by these two, and it would be great to meet them in person. It would be exciting to share experiences and talk about future functions in SolidWorks. I especially want to attend the sessions that touches Circuit Works and the integration between the CAD model, the PCB and the Electric CAD software, where there still are HUGE problems in the development process.

    All the best!

    / Mike

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