SolidWorks customers chime in on SolidWorks 2012 at the annual media day

On September 6, we'll officially unveil SolidWorks 2012—but today, here at SolidWorks HQ, we gave a few of our friends in the press a sneak peek of the 20th release of our product.

The day started off with a look back at how far SolidWorks has come, from coding in Jon Hirschtick's Winchester, MA condo in the beginning to building a community of 1.6 million users today. The past 19 releases have broken new ground in CAD year after year, and we’re excited to roll out this latest version to all of our loyal fans.

One of the best things about media day is that we have lots of customers who come in and talk about the ways they're using SolidWorks to design and build amazing products. Some of the companies represented today include Baker Drivetrain, Jeremy Singley Designs, Burton Snowboards, BPG Werks, Catapult Design, Edge Factor TV, Digital Design & Detail and Lilliputian Systems. Pictures of some of their products are included below.

We also had Barbara Hughey from the MIT Women’s Technology Program in to talk about girls in education. In coordination with our own Marie Planchard, Barbara led the members of the press through a robot-building exercise. They may have only been toy robots, but that doesn't mean they were easy to put together.


As we were talking to people who are here today, they had some nice things to say about how they use SolidWorks, what functions work best for them in their roles and why they like the current version. Some of the things they told us involved:

  • Intuitive, easy to learn and use
  • Robust feature set
  • Enables quick time to market
  • Key communication tool for the design chain

 There were also a few notable quotes from the customers attending:

  • “The design world is going through a revolution, and SolidWorks provides more visualization from idea to design.”
  • “SolidWorks as we know it gets better and better at things.”
  • “I couldn’t communicate at all without SolidWorks.”
  • "SolidWorks is a business in a box for a small shop like ours."

Here are a few of the customers who attended today talking about SolidWorks 2012, as well as the photos we mentioned earlier. We’re anxious to show the community what SolidWorks 2012 has to offer—90% of the updates in this version were developed based on user feedback, and we hope you’re as excited to use it as we were to create it for you.




Baker Drivetrain Motorcycle Transmission

Burton Snowboard Binding

Model of FutureTruck by Jeremy Singley

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