Promote Your Company and Products & Get More Value from Your SolidWorks Models

SolidWorks is currently looking for customer datasets (models/assemblies) that we can use to generate visual assets that can be used for marketing collateral, videos, blogs, web, SolidWorks World imagery, demos, packaging imagery, etc.

What you might not know are the potential benefits to you and your company when you submit a dataset, including free exposure to hundreds of thousands of SolidWorks users, partners, industry analysts, press, bloggers, social media users, etc., as well as exposure on up to 250+ reseller web sites.  And depending on your industry and the type of products you make, many of these professional people could be your future customers, investors or partners with your company.

This is a tremendous opportunity to take of advantage of the power and reach of the SolidWorks Marketing organization to promote your products and your company, increase your market and brand awareness and gain a significant advantage over your competitors.  Best of all, because you can leverage your existing models, there is no additional work involved or cost to your company…in other words, it's FREE!!

Please note that these opportunities are limited and are generally considered on a first-come, first-served basis – so the sooner you reply, the better.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity, please e-mail me directly at

And until next time…clear your mind, focus and get that project done!

Thank you

Peter Rucinski

Peter Rucinski

My technical background is based on BS and MS degrees in plastics engineering from UMASS Lowell and a career focused on all things injection molding – simulation, plastics materials, part design, mold design, mold making and injection molding process troubleshooting & optimization. And I have been extremely fortunate to have developed business acumen that comes from being intimately involved in growing a small engineering software company ~7X in revenues while tripling headcount, successfully executing an IPO and multiple acquisitions, coaching product teams and developing the go-to-market strategy for numerous successful product launches.