Designing the hot rod baby buggy: your help needed!

The Let’s Go Design team is moving full steam ahead on our third project, the Hot Rod Baby Buggy, and we're starting to design bigger pieces of the stroller. But there are always challenges when you're developing a new product, and our team is no exception.

Currently, we have a situation that we'd like some feedback on. Here’s where we are:

Project status:
In Episode 2, we started designing tank treads, which will move the stroller while being able to handle various types of terrain. These will be powered by an electric engine.

The problem:
We need to include an element of the buggy that can act as an alternative source of movement (both related to power and the wheels) in case the batteries die or a tread breaks. It’s not like parents can call AAA when a stroller breaks down, and the buggy models currently on the market are all people-powered.

Solidworks tank treads

The question:
What kind of back-up plan and design features should we put in place to avoid stranded parents and children? This is an essential problem we need to solve in the early stages of design.

The team has batted around ideas involving easily removable tracks and retractable wheels, so that the stroller can be moved despite power or tread issues. However, since we're including an engine and other features unrelated to movement, we wonder if there will be enough room under the cockpit area to hold retractable wheels.

No matter what idea we end up with, there are a few factors that can't be changed. The stroller needs to weigh no more than 150 lbs. Additionally, any replacement wheels can't damage a sidewalk area (a ticket for public defacement is not going to go over well). Above all, the number one concern is baby/child safety.

So what do you think? What can we do to prepare for tank tread or engine failure? Send us your comments via Twitter or Facebook or in the section below!