Who wants to help us design a hot-rod baby buggy?

It's hard to believe that the Let's Go Design series launched a year ago this month. Since then, we've seen Jeremy Luchini and the team design and build an Ultimate CAD Chair, and most recently, design a practice cage for use with multiple sports. There's a new project kicking off today, and I think this just might be the most interesting one so far.

It's not secret to anyone who knows him that Jeremy is a fan of anything with a motor. He regularly drives a retired US Army Jeep to work, he built the motorcycle in the Let's Go Design studio by hand, and I know I've seen him drive at least two or three other things. So naturally, he wanted to build some kind of vehicle for this series.

But the real challenge was to build a vehicle that didn't just take an existing idea and amp it up. It needed to be so off-the-wall that it would leave everyone scratching their heads. Hence the idea of taking perhaps the most pedestrian and non-motorized form of conveyance possible–the baby stroller–and using that as a springboard.

Factory 5

So over the coming months, Jeremy and the Let's Go Design team (with input from the global design community) will be designing and building a hot-rodded baby buggy that's oriented towards all the dads out there, but with safety features that will ensure that both parents are comfortable letting their tiny babies ride in it.

  Design Requirements Stroller Interview




So click on over to the Let's Go Design website and check out the project kickoff video, and then vote on the first question–should the person driving the baby buggy be in a seated position like a go-cart, or standing, like one of those industrial-grade lawn mowers (my personal selection).

Let's Go Design!

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