Visiting the Mariana Trench? SolidWorks knows if your sub can stand the pressure.

If you believe the people who manage the Wikipedia entry, the Mariana Trench in the south Pacific ocean is around seven miles deep. That's roughly the distance from here to my house. At that depth, the water pressure is so high that anything but the most well-designed piece of equipment will be crushed like a tin can. So if you're going there, you'd better make sure that the sub you're riding in will hold up. But how do you test for that?

It seems this is a topic that our product management team thinks about in their spare time, so they made a short video that shows how you can use the tools in SolidWorks Simulation to build a submersible and ensure it's structurally sound from the start of the design process to the end. It's only five minutes long, and you might just walk away from it with some new ideas about how to improve your own designs.

You will, however, have to provide your email address in order to watch the full video, so here's a preview to pique your interest. And yes, the actual video has more of a storyline and in-depth information. See the whole thing here.

Matthew West

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