Five Questions Friday with Paul McCrorey of McCrorey Digital

Profile-image-display.jspa_ Name: Paul McCrorey

Title: President, CG Artist, Mechanical engineer

Company: McCrorey Digital, LLC

Hometown: Mt. Washington, Ky.

Job description: I develop photorealistic renderings and animations for many industries, used for print and Web

1. Why do you choose to do the work you do?
Wow – what a question. It’s taken me a while to figure this one out. I have a passion for communication and education. I also have a passion for understanding how things work. I love to figure out the inner workings of complex systems and then figure out ways to make them understandable to others. That can be realized in many ways. Visuals are by far the best way to do it. We all want to see how things work. On top of all that, I totally have a passion for 3D and photorealism and expressing myself through great images. So the melding of technical, artist, and education are what has driven me to pursue this career.


2. What is your proudest career moment?
Starting my business and seeing it grow. Just like so many before me, I have been fortunate to identify what I love and am really pursuing it. It has taken a lot of work but it is a fantastic thing to be able to love the work you do. I highly recommend it.


3. What goal of yours inspires you most?
The ultimate moment when someone “gets it” by looking at one of my animations.


4. How has SolidWorks made a difference in your life?
SolidWorks has made a huge difference. It has enabled me to pursue my passion for 3D. It has provided me with the greatest opportunity one can ask for – the ability to do what you love. I started using SolidWorks in 2006 and have not looked back. Then in 2009 when Luxology partnered with SolidWorks to make PhotoView 360…it was a match made in heaven for me. Awesome software. As a matter of fact, I love it so much that I started the SLUG (SolidWorks Louisville User Group).


5. Where’s the best place you’ve traveled and why?
I was fortunate enough a few years back to spend some time in the UK on a job assignment. I made sure that I got out every chance I could to see the sights. Several things that made an impression on me, such as the amazing beautiful countryside, the absolute passion for football (soccer), the density (geographical) and the oldness of things. When we say old here in the states, we are thinking about a building that is 200 years old. In the UK, I saw structures dating back to 1100. But the most fascinating thing I observed is the fact that we both speak English but not necessarily the same “language.” It takes effort to ensure that you have truly communicated your point. This is a good lesson in general.

Matthew West

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