Five Questions Friday with Asheen Phansey of SolidWorks

Name: Asheen Phansey

Title: Product Manager for SolidWorks Sustainability

Company: Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp.


1. Why do you do the work you do?
I got into the sustainability world because I have a deep-seated appreciation for nature and maintaining the planet we live on. I also have a love for business, for creating enterprises and real competitive advantages. The intersection of those two worlds is really interesting. How can we create good business while creating business that’s good?


2. What is your proudest career moment?
I’d have to say joining SolidWorks is right up there. I started out post-MBA teaching companies how to create sustainable innovation, and when SolidWorks approached me I saw an opportunity to create great solutions on a much larger scale instead of going one-to-one with individual companies. I’m just as excited for the opportunity as I was on day one. SolidWorks is leading the market in sustainability and I get to be one of the drivers. Outside of SolidWorks, I guess I would say guest lecturing for Hunter Lovins at the Presidio Graduate School was a real honor. Hunter Lovins wrote Natural Capitalism, which is the bible of sustainable development.


3. What goal inspires you most?
I’m inspired by creating an economy that is neutral or restorative in its impact on the environment.


4. How has SolidWorks made a difference in your life?
It has given me a broader platform to act on my convictions and allowed me to bring my personal values to work.


5. Who’s your favorite athlete and why?
Kirby Puckett. I grew up in Minnesota, watching him play at the Metrodome. It always seemed like he was having a blast. I think that’s so important – to enjoy what you do so much that you bring joy to the people around you.


Asheen phansey 5Qf

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