Five Questions Friday with Angela Restani of Hawk Ridge Systems

Headshot for blog (800x600)Name: Angela Restani

Title: Director of Administration

Company: Hawk Ridge Systems. We provide products, training and services for SolidWorks users throughout Western North America

Hometown: San Carlos, California, United States

1) Why do you choose to do the work you do?
I love working with customers and having a job where I can be creative while doing it. Almost all of my responsibilities afford me an opportunity in some way to solve a customer’s problem, create something that allows our customers to learn more, or be introduced to something that will ultimately improve and enhance their work. I am so fortunate to work closely with an incredibly dedicated staff and an amazing array of clients. I come to work and plan fun and educational events, help people to discover all the tools and benefits that we and SolidWorks provide for our customers, all while managing the daily challenges that arise. No two days are ever the same, which keeps me on my toes and determined to charge ahead.

2) What is your proudest career moment?
One of my proudest career moments was when Hawk Ridge Systems received the #1 Worldwide Reseller award for 2008 at SolidWorks World in San Diego. Hawk Ridge was celebrating their 10 year anniversary and had brought the entire staff to San Diego to celebrate. To see our owners receive such a prestigious award alongside many of my co-workers made me so proud of what we had all achieved together. It was a great night!

3) What goal inspires you?
Giving children, especially middle school aged kids who lack opportunity and exposure to engineering, an introduction to SolidWorks and the career opportunities experienced users have access to is a goal I am constantly inspired by. There are communities where young students are introduced to SolidWorks and learn how engineering and product design can be more exciting than they had ever imagined. I would like to create a program in which Applications Engineers go to those schools and get kids excited about our industry and where it is heading.

4) How has SolidWorks made a difference in your life?
I am in my fifth year as a part of the SolidWorks channel. The support that we as resellers receive from SolidWorks, whether it’s encouragement and tools from the local territory managers, technical team or marketing team, their willingness to help provide our customers the best products and support are unique. Working in tandem with SolidWorks helps to make my job fulfilling and rewarding. On top of that, they provide such superior products. I am still impressed with SolidWorks software on a daily basis.


5) Who’s your favorite sports figure and why?
I am a huge sports fan, as is my whole family. Whether it be going out to San Francisco Giants or 49ers games, playing Fantasy Football, watching my kids teams play or having friends over for a good Sunday full of football, food and drinks, sports are a huge part of our lives. My true sports love is the Duke Men’s Basketball team. I’m a fanatic and watch their games every chance I get. From Coach K to some of their great players like JJ Redick or Shane Battier, these are a group of exceptional kids who work as hard on their academics as they do basketball. Almost all of them stay on and graduate and truly play the game as a team. It’s inspiring, as that is my philosophy with my work, no one person deserves all the accolades or blame, a team succeeds or fails together.


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