Do you have the skill to design the 2012 Olympic torches?


The 2012 summer Olympics are being held in London, and it looks like the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) needs a team of designers to create the Olympic torches. According to the Design Council website, these are the torches that are carried by over 8000 people around the world, eventually making their way to London to light the flame in the Olympic cauldron, which needs to be designed as well. Here's a list of everything that needs to be designed.

  • The Olympic and Paralympic torches
  • The Olympic and Paralympic cauldrons
  • The Olympic and Paralympic accessories, including fixtures to
    facilitate the torch’s safe carriage by wheelchair or bicycle, and
    safety lanterns to keep the flame alight
  • Packaging for the torches pre and post use.

I know that some of you out there were just born for this. And how cool would it be to see that the Olympic torch was designed in SolidWorks by your team, or by someone you know? But you'll have to work fast–it looks like the deadline is August 22.

If you're interested, go on over to the Design Council website to learn more.

Matthew West

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