SolidWorks welcomes sustainability advocate Asheen Phansey to the team

Asheen Last year we launched our newest product, SolidWorks Sustainability, and we're starting to see real interest in the concept of designing for sustainability around the world. To help spread the word, we've brought on Asheen Phansey as product manager and all-around advocate.

Asheen's expertise includes biomimicry (nature-inspired
design), product lifecycle stewardship, closed-loop business models, and green
He's been implementing sustainable innovation strategies since 2007, and
founded the consultancy Quaking Aspen in 2008 to help companies develop their
sustainable innovation toolkits. Quaking Aspen’s client work includes product
stewardship for Avery Dennison, enterprise carbon software development for
eQuilibrium (acquired by EnerNOC), green marketing strategy for the
Conservation Law Foundation, and sustainable business expertise for the
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

Asheen has traveled the world speaking about sustainable innovation, including
guest-lecturing at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco, the
premier institution for the study of sustainable business; delivering the 2009
Sutton Lecture for the International Center for Ethics in Business in Lawrence,
Kansas; and speaking at the IE Social Enterprise Forum in Madrid, Spain.

As an
Adjunct Professor at Babson College, Asheen teaches MBA courses in Sustainable
Entrepreneurship and Green Marketing, and has received press in BusinessWeek
and The Economist for his innovative curricula.

Asheen is also a dedicated member of Net Impact, the international organization
for socially and environmentally-responsible business. He has served on the
executive leadership team of the Net Impact Boston professional chapter since
2007 and has spoken at several Net Impact national conferences.

Prior to his career in sustainable business, Asheen spent several years in
technology and management roles, primarily in the biotech industry, including
research in molecular pharmacology (proteomics) and process engineering for
synthetic nanobiomaterials. He indulged his entrepreneurial instincts in
helping to start a sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing company. He also worked
in software engineering roles in web development and in bioinformatics, and as
a technology commercialization specialist of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
for aerospace defense applications.

We're excited to have Asheen on the team. Be on the lookout for an interview as soon as he gets a chance to get settled in.

Matthew West

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