Partner Pavilion Showcase and Toys with Phil Sluder

Had a chance again to walk the floor of the Partner Pavilion here at Solidworks World. The product showcases here would make me want to start writing up my Christmas list.

Plane. Check.
Awesome Dune Buggy. Check.
Massively over speced computer. Also check.

Here's a few videos I took while waltzing around and noshing on some pie. (And yes I'm doing everything I can to point out all the free food and drink that is available here).

Another guy I ran into was Phil Sluder. Phil is famous in the Solidworks circle for having attended, and presented at EVERY Solidworks World. He dabbles in a number of things, his Tips and Tricks session is held in high esteem and he clearly wants to pass along knowledge as the back of his business card contains a quick list of hot kets.

I also got a chance to chat with a colleague and friend of mine Brad Engholt, of I have used in the past for training and generally liked the product. The low cost is also a nice feature, I'll let Brad make the pitch via video.

More to come as I'm on my way back to the Pavilion with Ben Eadie of SolidJott (and about 100 other sites) fame to make a quick recording.