Out of this (SolidWorks) World!

A little bit of SolidWorks World 2010 will go into orbit if
University of California Irvine students successfully complete their ambitious space
camera. Already presented to NASA in a formal design review, “CubeSat” would
float in near-zero gravity, point itself at the earth, photograph our planet,
and send the picture back. 

DS SolidWorks Corp. CEO Jeff Ray spotlighted the UCI student design team in day 3’s general session. He cradled their creation on center
stage, noting how the device needs to withstand strong G forces, survive extreme
temperatures, and orient itself autonomously (hint: magnets) – capabilities
that demand rigorous simulation. Prospective benefactors and mentors thronged to the team as
the session adjourned. Here’s a little more from team members Anahita Sidhwa and Timothy Van Name:


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